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ESOPConnection™ is an online tool that can be integrated with your company’s website or intranet, or can stand on its own at a unique web address. ESOPConnection™ serves three primary functions:

Give Participants Direct Access to Plan Information.
Provide Plan Participants with direct access to Plan information such as Participant Statements, the Summary Plan Description and the Summary Annual Report. Allow your Participants to complete and submit Plan forms electronically and to print Plan forms for manual completion. All forms are maintained in a secure, electronic format by ESOPConnection™.

Review, Approve and Archive Plan Records Electronically.
ESOPConnection™ makes available to your internal ESOP point-person an online summary and detailed account information for all your Plan Participants. You can elect to fully outsource all aspects of your ESOP administration such as distributions, diversifications, dividend allocations and more. ESOPConnection™ provides you online reporting for these services, so that you can review and approve the processing and payment with a click of your mouse! ESOPConnection™ maintains secure, electronic copies of all your Plan-related documents, filings and reports.

Implement Cost-Effective Employee Education and Plan Governance Tools.
ESOPConnection™ is a cost-effective and customizable communications tool for your ESOP that can be used for new employee orientation, periodic updates and on-going communications and education. ESOPConnection™ provides definitions and answers to frequently asked questions about ESOPs in general, as well as the specific provisions of your Plan. ERISA specifies fiduciary requirements, but many ESOP companies do not consistently document their actions. Our plan governance module allows you to schedule meetings, prepare agendas, minutes, and more with the click of a mouse.

Blue Ridge can also provide cost-effective communication services through your ESOPConnection™ site such as company news releases, letters from company executives and can develop communication and other promotional campaigns to inform your employees about your ESOP. We can also develop and implement a comprehensive communications program for your employees, including on-site presentations, to explain the concept of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the particulars of your plan.

For more information about building a tailored ESOPConnection™, tool for your company, contact Tom Roback (Eastern Business Development) at 434.220.7947 or Chad Guzinski (Midwestern Business Development) at 434.220.7945 or Marie Sherlock (Western Business Development) at 434.220.7948.


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